Dearest Norwal (at least you can be a unicorn whale!):

Actually, there is no one now that wouldn’t understand the concept of a broken record.  You have obviously been living underground or really are too old, because LPs are everywhere!  We sell them in our store (for lots of money).  Now if you had said cassette tapes or 8-tracks or typewriters or rotary phones, then you could have made a case for no one under 30 knowing what you are talking about.  I do, however, understand the analogy you are making.

The fact that a man actually listened to something that a woman said has sent me reeling and I’m not sure that you shouldn’t go running after him begging him to come back!  Of course, I’m kidding.  But I’m glad that things are working out the way you want them to in that department.

My short foray into the world of thinking of dating has sent me back to books and eating pints of ice cream.  The idea that I would have to devote time and attention to another human just because they expected/demanded/required/were owed it was just too much.  I think I am wrecked for life.  I have decided that this year is going to be the year that I get rid of any idea of “SHOULD”.  I’m not doing anything that I think, or anyone else thinks, I should do.  I am banishing that word out of my mind and vocabulary entirely.  I am only doing what I want to do.  (Oh, and I suppose what I am legally required to for my children, right? KIDDING.)

I do wish that I had your courage to shake up my life completely and let the universe decide for me.  I realize that I can’t control the universe anyway (finally).  Although I guess it would be nice to self-destruct my own life instead of having a man do it for me (what is wrong with me?!?!?)  Let me know if you need anything, you know I will do whatever’s in my power to do for you, including slapping you in the face.

I am in the midst a fabulous book, Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace, about a murdered girl who wakes from the dead with the power to see that people are killers and then suck out their soul.  It sounds very dark, but it’s very entertaining.  My favorite quotes so far:

“it was only the sick slipping guilt inside the meat shell”
“she could have been cosplaying Little House on the Prairie”

There are also possessions, monsters, witches, and Ministers.  It’s really fabulous.  (Sidenote: Isn’t it interesting that the things that we were brainwashed to be so frightened of, are all the things that are SO much fun?)

In other news, I HAVE STARTED WRITING AGAIN! I quit one of my medications and I feel like my brain is finally alive again. There’s color in the world.  God, that is a good feeling.  I have been working on an idea that involves the dancing plagues that happened in the early 1500s. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s totally worth a quick read.

That’s it for now, love you tons!


(P.S. Yes, you have always talked like an old person.)

(P.P.S. Please send some good thoughts/juju/incantations/prayers my way for my job search.  I need to find a job that involves writing, travelling, wine tasting, no supervision what so ever, and tons of money. K?)

(P.P.P.S.  Also, any job involving Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr. and/or Ryan Reynolds would be acceptable in lieu of any other requirement.)


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