Good morning, lovely Norwal!

I am reading How to Build a Girl by C. Moran and came across this passage.  And, I’m laughing.  I feel like that’s me right now!  (Even if it is a self-imposed virginity, ha!)

I have also decided that I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE in this whole job search I am conducting and have started applying for all manner of jobs that I never would have before.  It’s amazing how self-limiting I had become/always was.  I’m sure some of that is growing up in the very strict climate that we grew up in where women had a definite PLACE in the world. My ex definitely made me feel the same way.  Now that I’m out from under the thumb of both, there’s no stopping me and I’m excited to see what the world brings my way!

I will definitely check out Big Magic.  We sell them all the time in the store.

As for #6, yeah I don’t get that.  But then my situation is completely different than yours.  All I’m saying is I’ve never seen my ex and the devil in the same room…


So this blog isn’t exactly turning out to be the hot sexy diary of two single woman…aww, us.

Love you,


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