(I’m skipping the salutation, because we have got to come up with a better pseudonym for you! Do you know how much I adore being called Highness?  That I’m even admitting that to you shows you how much we really need to change your name because I’m feeling sorta guilty – and that rarely happens, as you know.)

  1.      I’m sorry that people keep giving you jobs that you do not want. Fuck them all, ignore the “shoulds” that are telling you what a 40 year-old woman’s life looks like, and do you.  Personally, I would take babysitter (Nanny!), writer and Etsy business woman over a 9-5 job any day.  But I don’t have that option. Until I write my book, of course.
  2.      What do you think of this passage?
    • Elizabeth tried not to watch as the tattoo on her left forearm, a wide, flat fish, swam up her bicep.  The warming sensation created by its movement across her skin trailed over her left shoulder and down her back.  It finally settled above her hip bone, a knot of tingling, warming flesh.  She just would never get used to that.Sachiel whispered in her ear.  “Now.  You need to go now.”

      She glanced down the wide, empty hallway.

      “Just go.  Look like you know what you’re doing and no one will stop you.” he hissed.

      Elizabeth sighed, held her head high, back straight, and headed to the swinging double doors that led into the ICU.

      (Does this make you want to read more…) (Obviously this is mine, beginning, middle or end of a short story – haven’t decided yet.) (Be honest, because if I start posting stuff and I eventually learn it sucks ass, then you will see the  wrath of Highness in all her glory.) (Not even kidding.)

  3.      Remember, I am the techie.  You are the personality.  I’m totally fine with keeping those roles.
  4.      I, too, have been through those dark, dark days, as you know.   Days full of not-sleeping-all-night-sitting-up-smoking-but-hiding-it-from-the-children-wondering-how-to-do-away-with-myself-or-move-to-Patagonia-is-that-even-a-place-without-hurting-anyone-else-feeling-that-I-was-completely-utterly-worthless-and-still-chasing-this-thing-that-wasn’t-even-a-thing-anymore-and-I-knew-in-my-heart-I-didn’t-want-it-anyway-so-why-am-I-still-hiding-literally-in-my-closet-so-my-kids-don’t-see-me-lose-it-since-there’s-no-tomorrow-that-I-can-see. And even though I was too wrapped up in my own miserableness to THANK THE LORD that there are people in the world who actually care, and I am more grateful than I can say to a certain person who lives across the country but consents to listen to wailing hours-long phone calls at any hour of the day or night and for one particular pair who generously opened their arms, swallowed us whole and made us part of their beautiful crazy family.  How do you even begin to repay that?  You pass it on, that’s what.
  5.      I, too, need to embrace mindfulness and on-the-spot gratitude.
    • “The earth is a treasure box of people and places and song, and everyday you can plunge you arms in and find a new ridiculous, perfect delight.” – C. Moran, How to Build a Girl

  6.      Looking for a new job SUCKS, gawd, I just need to start my own business.  Why do I feel completely incapable of doing so?
  7.      Love you more than you will ever realize.


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