Just kidding.  (Not really.)  Okay, yes I’m KIDDING!  You don’t suck.

Ideas. I have some. And, am jealous that you have so many you don’t know what to do with them.  Seriously.  However, I have found that since I started keeping a journal (that I write and sketch and think in every morning), the ideas have been more…forthcoming.  The more you focus on creating, the more your brain thinks that way, I have found.  Creativity feeds on itself.  Thus, the name of my (other) blog, Ouroboros Freelance.  (An ouroboros is a dragon or snake that feeds on its own tail.  Get it?)

If you want to pass some of those ideas on to me, feel free btw.  Also, do you have a Twitter account?  I’ve found that to be an excellent way to see what are good and bad ideas by responses I get on my tweets…and it makes you condense you idea into 140 characters, so you really have to think about it.  (Twitter: @angelicahench)

I would think that puking on oneself would be the most difficult way to puke *at* someone, actually.  Puking on someone?  SO easy.  (Let’s not pretend we all haven’t done that at some point in our lives.)  (Also, both of my children say “vomit” instead of “puke”.  Weirdest thing ever, I’ve never used the word vomit.  It sounds so formal, especially coming from children.)  Definitely, it’s easy to get messy when puking, but actually puking at yourself.  Difficult. (Sorry to be contrary, here.) (But not really.)  Now that I’m thinking about it, I guess you could lay down and puke and then it would all fall on you, but you might choke, so I wouldn’t recommend this method.  I think I need to stop thinking about puke.

So, for a while there, I thought you were talking about being “model” hot instead of “temperature” hot.  That made for a fun read, lol.

I’ve also struggled with the idea that I can’t call myself a writer until it’s official and I have the book and the check in my hand.  But, who has made that rule.  Me.  I’ve made that rule.  And, it’s a stupid rule.  So, I’ve started to call myself a writer.  Guess what, other people call me a writer, too.  People are such suckers.  Ha!  (All kidding aside, if you call yourself something, then that’s what you are.  I’m not going to let others label me.  I’m going to label myself.)  Plus, if James Patterson can call himself a writer, almost anyone can.  (I think that James Patterson is a marketing and business genius, since he doesn’t even writer his own books anymore and they still fly off the shelf and he puts out a couple each month, at least.  But, his writing.  Eh, just can’t read it.) (If James Patterson happens to drop in on this blog, I apologize to you, Mr. Patterson.)

Do you know what makes me furious?  People rewriting history to make themselves look better.  Yes, I know we all rewrite our history to make living life actually…livable.  But to conscientiously rewrite every single step of what you have done, in say the space of two years, to make yourself the hero of the story – completely ridiculous and dishonest and heart-rending.  My divorce is finally final.  Having to switch the words that included abandonment and cruelty to “irreconcilable differences” was the hardest thing about the entire divorce.  I wish I had unlimited resources so that I could have fought just for the wording.  I know it’s probably stupid, but still.

Today is my day off from work, and I have two stories and a book review to write today.  I better sign off.  Talk to you soon!




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