Good Morning.

Just kidding. Good afternoon, because I’m tired and lazy and I went back to bed after I got up earlier because I stayed out till 2 am because apparently I forget that I am way too old for this shit.


Would you be at all interested in using our shared blog forum (now that we’ve got the readership up to, what, three people?) to issue writing challenges to each other? I’d like to do a little more with short stories and random essays, poems even, but I don’t necessarily possess what the kids these days call ‘internal motivation’. Plus it’s more fun to go back and forth, as well as the fact that my real life is boring and as we know what sort of letters I write when I’m writing to write but don’t have a thing to say, I’m not sure I can stand to put either of us through that again.

I thought maybe a monthly theme, say, short stories. Then weekly we give each other a topic or prompt and post our respective responses. Or we could both work from the same prompt and see what comes up? Then the next month we could do essays or book reviews or erotica, I don’t care. (Well, let’s maybe not do erotica. I may be a talented writer, but I am still horrendously awkward.) (Comic erotica? Is that a thing? Because I could TOTALLY invent a whole new genre if it isn’t.) (50 Shades of Please Stop, You’re Making It Weird For Everybody.) And then we can offer editing ideas or whatever. Or sometimes we could even back and forth on a running story, like we did in the old Sir Floppy Head and the Fuzzy Nerd days.

Ha. Omg, I love you.

My aunt used to have a private chat room magical computery thing for our family, and several of us had regular writing challenges back and forth, and it was tremendously fun and remarkably more motivating than when I just sit around home drinking coffee and wondering why my book isn’t done yet.


Also, if either of us actually get around to doing anything positively scandalous (we’re working up to it, give us time), we could share our stories under the ruse of this “fiction” business and then it wouldn’t be so embarrassing. Additionally, we could make up tremendous stories that sound fascinating. And no one would know for sure which ones were true. Keep ’em guessing. Of course, you’ll know that all my dorky stories are true and all the impressive ones are not, but someday we may have a bigger audience.

Yes? No? Tweaks? Further ideas?

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