Hello dear friend!

Look, it’s only taken me a month to write back!  Good grief, it only takes me opening up my computer.  I don’t even have to find a piece a paper or a stamp, and I still couldn’t do it.  Damn.

So, I’ve come to realize that I have been completely withdrawing from everyone this last month.  Withdrawing hardcore.  I haven’t been to a movie, a lunch, a dinner, a party, placed a phone call, nothing.  I’m off all of my medications, the pain ones, the crazy ones, every thing.  Most of the time, I think I am better being off them.  I’m usually more creative.  Have a lot more energy.  Can actually lose some weight when I diet.  All good things.  

But then, I tumble down into the web of depression and anxiety, and there’s no net.  It is not until I am coming out the other side that I realize how deep the hole, how tight the web.  When I can see no reason to write or reach out to other people, that’s probably the time when I should be being doing both.  But, who can understand the depressed brain?!? Certainly not the one experiencing it.

So, I guess I’m saying I’m sorry, please don’t hate me for not even realizing what an asshole I’m being.  ‘K?

So many things have happened this last month.  I left a job I loved.  I found another job that I may love equally.  Both kids started school.  My divorce became final.  I had a couple of good responses for the book reviews I’ve been writing.  I’m writing an article for a friend’s magazine.  There are good things happening, and I can’t even think of anything else to say about them.  Still some me-work to do, I guess.

I would love to do writing challenges here!  Let’s see…if they are short(ish), we could do two a week.  You could issue one and I could issue one.  I’m fine with a theme for the month, we could alternate each month for that.  How about I do a Monday challenge that is fairly short – poem, 15-word story, etc…, “due” on Thursday or before?  You could issue your challenges on Wednesdays, and we could have them “due” on Sunday or before?  (I would like to keep writing letters to each other – I promise to do better!  If you notice me slipping, check on me. ; )  This is a GREAT idea!  We need to come up with a “#” for Twitter. Let me know when you want to start!

Love you!


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